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Commitment to Unity & Peace 2021

Our Goal: All People Unified to Improve American Life Together What will we do with the frustration from 2020?

We will Rise!

As a great teacher once said, “Are you going to waste the rain?”. Steven Furtick 2020

Let us use the torrential downpour of this year, to arise into a people of love and unity.

It is a choice. What will you choose?

Commitment Steppingstones


*Common Ground






*Positive Perspective



This commitment transcends all oppression, inequality, and hate.

Take a moment to say or pray our commitment.

Let us utilize the commitment steppingstones to unify our nation and the destiny of our nation’s future. May we seek a positive a perspective and always put love and kindness first. Let it be done!

Sign your name to confirm your commitment to resonate love, peace, and hope on our divided nation.

Before you speak, let your words pass through three gates:

“Is it true?”

“Is it necessary?”

“Is it kind?”


May you go forward in peace and spread love and unity to every human who crosses your path.


Image by Jess Bailey
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